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Outstanding resource for Articulators ★★★★★
by Rich Hurrey - Apr 23, 2013

I think that this book should be considered a "must own" for anyone serious about learning how to articulate a 3D character's face. This book goes into extreme details not so much on the tools but on the concepts, or theory, around how to move points in a CG face properly. I can't stress enough how eye opening this resource will be for students of this craft. If you want to create a 3D character and animate it, you NEED this book.

Incredible book! ★★★★★
by M_greenwood - May 18, 2013

I felt compelled to review this book and give it the full 5 stars as it really is an amazing piece of work. The way Brian breaks down every small part of the face and explains how and why things should work is fascinating. The videos make so much difference to grasping the theories he is describing. I had a lot of fun digesting it! It's a pretty advanced subject matter, but if you have any interest at all in creating face rigs for stylised characters, it's superb. Highly recommended.

Impressive body of work ★★★★★
by watchtheskies - Apr 30, 2013

Nearly 300 pages of dense detailed information from a former Pixar modeller and animator, a stellar use of iBooks Author's multi media capabilities, For someone new to character modelling and articulation this all seems a little daunting but I have already picked up a few core principles to get things moving, It might be a little on the advanced side, but it's so well put together and well explained, very enjoyable, highly recommended

A must have reference for 3D artists ★★★★★
by Clef.Notes - Apr 24, 2013

I want to say a big thank you to Brian Tindall for this book - even though it kept me up far too late reading it. Brian Tindall is an acknowledged master of his craft in the industry, and it is a rare gift for someone with his experience and talent to share this level of information. Even better, he is not only a talented artist - but also a talented teacher. I'm still in the process of absorbing the wealth of information this book contains. Because this isn't a book filled with fluff and industry anecdotes, but rather is constructed with the same attention to detail that he applies to his craft - each point made is there for a reason, and important. The book is packed with information, and each aspect is further elucidated with excellent diagrams and videos. So I feel this isn't just a book you skim through, but rather one you really need to dig into and immerse yourself. I feel this iBook is a must have for anyone interested in taking their character facial modeling and articulation to the next level. And to my mind, this book goes beyond facial applications - because once you start to understand the core principles I can see applying them to other aspects of the character as well. In summary, I guess the highest praise I can give is that if I didn't already own an iPad I'd gladly purchase one just to be able to read this book.

Serious about 3D ★★★★★
by PaulBlacklock - Apr 29, 2013

Do a quick search on Brian Tindall resume, It is Simply Amazing that a 3D industry expert like him is offering their vast knowledge and experience using Modo 3D software, this makes it an affordable solution for any small studio.

Awesome!!! ★★★★★
by Maxx_mpinheiro - Apr 28, 2013

Best book ever on character facial modeling and rigging.

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